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Find simple ways to earn money.

Here to help you navigate away from scams and find safe, legit ways to earn money online. Learn more.

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Earn $3 on free signup + monthly passive income. Share your internet & start earning.


Earn up to $250 on free signup, and up to $617 on each offer you complete.


Claim free stocks worth $3-3,000 each & kickstart your investment journey.


Earn money by walking, just like you do every day.


Sign up and get $5 + earn up to 12% cashback everytime you shop.

Claim $1 daily for free + a chance to receive up to $100 in cash drops with this Social Casino.

Fortune Coins

Claim $1 daily for free + $9 when you sign up with this Social Casino

Capital One

Earn a $200 bonus + unlimited 1.5% cash back with this credit card.


Get paid for healthy habits. Earn money for walking, sleeping, and more.


Claim free stocks worth $3-3,000 each & kickstart your investment journey.


Earn money while securing the web, by supporting online privacy and security.

User Interviews

Earn up to $1500 for your feedback on real products.

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Are the listed sites legitimate and safe?

Earnfinder was created with the purpose to help people avoid scams. We're here to guide you towards genuine opportunities to make money online.

We manually evaluate each site to make sure we only bring you legitimate offers, ensuring our platform is scam-free. You can explore our platform with confidence, knowing that we've done the hard work, delivering only those that meet our strict standards.

If you believe a site to be suspicious, please report it here.

Is everything free on Earnfinder?

We aim to provide free ways to earn money, try products, and shop in online stores, which is why the majority of the sites we publish offer ways to do so without any associated costs. An example of that could be to sign up for a free account and receive $10 as a sign-up bonus.

However, to maximize the number of offers for our users, some offers may require you to spend a certain amount, make a purchase, or a deposit to get the reward. It's worth noting that the reward typically exceeds the required amount. Our ultimate goal is for you to find yourself with more money in your pocket than when you started. We clearly indicate the cost structure for each listing so that you can make informed decisions.

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